Frequently Asked Questions

What is “The Academy for Vibro E-study”?

The Academy for Vibro E-study offers online Vibration course through portal.

How do I enroll for the Vibration Course?

You have two options to enrol.
Option1: You can enroll directly by clicking the Enroll now button on the Courses page which takes you to Registration page. After registration, make the necessary payment through the available options.
Option 2: If you would like to register your account and enroll at later point of time. Same procedure as options 1 for enrolling except that you have already registered takes you directly to the payment process.

What is next after you enrol for the Vibration Course?

After payment is made and after payment realization, the course will be enabled within 2 business days which can be checked in the student profile page. Please feel free to contact for any issues on the same.

Can the payment be made from the third party?

The payment can be made by anybody but the registration is done on the student’s name who will be completing the course.

Are there any hidden or additional fees on this course?

No. The course fee is the only cost.

What are the payment options?

You have choice between using your Debit Card / Credit Card / Net banking for online payment at If you would like to arrange a direct deposit, send “ATPAR” cheque or DD in favour of “THE ACADEMY FOR VIBROESTUDY” payable at Chennai with your complete registration details such as Name, Address, Mobile Number and Email-ID.

Is the payment gateway secure?

Yes, we use secured payment gateway and had not any problems from hundreds of online transactions.

What is the refund policy for unsuccessful transactions?

Unsuccessful online Transactions to be reported to us along with date of transaction, transaction amount, snapshot of the transaction done (preferable), name of the user and credit/debit card number or net banking account number. We take the issue to the bank and upon the notification of the concerned bank the transaction amount will be credit back to the Credit/Debit Card or net banking account number within 5 business days.

What does the Course Offer?

This vibration course offers you study materials on the Vibration & its characteristics and Diagnostic techniques of Vibration, practical case studies and faculty seminar with classroom training.

What will be the mode of assessment?

Assessment will be online with multiple choice of Questions & Answers. The assessment results will be made available immediately after the completion of the assessment.

What will be the duration of the Course?

The duration of the Course is as specified in the courses page against the corresponding Courses. It would also be provided to the students after they enroll along with the confirmation mail sent to them.

What is the criterion of clearing the assessment?

The student has to get 60% in order to clear the assessment.

How many number of assessments allowed per student?

There will be two attempts of assessments which is part of the course fee and two paid assessments after exhaustion of the earlier two attempts. If you exceed your allotted four attempts you will be locked out of your course. This lock out system is implemented to ensure that students who are having difficulty answering questions or understanding the course material get assistance. Please submit a request to for further assistance.

How do I register for the assessment?

You can register for the assessment under the student profile section. Detailed mail on the login details will be sent to your registered mail ID within 2 business days.

How long does the assessment link valid?

Assessment link is valid for 3 days from the day it was sent to the registered mail ID. Please ensure that the assessment is completed within this stipulated time.

Will I get a certificate upon the completion of this course?

Yes, certificate will be provided upon the successful completion of course and assessment from THE ACADEMY FOR VIBROESTUDY.

I lost my password, how will I retrieve it?

You can click on Forgot password (Password Recovery icon on the sign in tab) and follow the steps. And email with the password reset instructions will be sent to your registered mail address with us. If you’re unable to login to you account and still having issues, please write to


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